Clinical Informatics Developer

Anthony has extensive experience in the field of computer and information security in both a commercial and academic context. Holding a Masters degree in Information Technology from the University of Glasgow, and Chartered IT Professional accreditation from the British Computing Society, he has spent the last five years working at the cutting edge of security technology development.

His work at the National e-Science Centre has included in-depth research, development and evaluation of advanced systems, attempting to bring distributed e-Health technology to various private and public sectors, most notably in collaboration with the UK national health service. Through this work, he has developed a broad, yet also detailed, insight into the challenges facing the security of online and networked systems throughout the world.

He is currently working as a clinical systems developer at the Melbourne eResearch Group - focusing on registries for rare adrenal cancer data and diabetes/endocrine data applications. He is also currently studying for a PhD at the department of Clinical Physics at the University of Glasgow, concerning the evaluation of ICU data and guidelines in the brain-trauma domain.

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